Dell offers free viruses on their refurbished computers.

My sister recently bought a refurbished computer from Dell.  Yes, I know, but she doesn’t need it for much.  Just some work related stuff using MS Office, and she needed a notebook to be able to bring her work home.  So all in all, it would have been a good deal.  Except…

When she got it she mentioned that it wasn’t working all that well.  I don’t live near her so I couldn’t take a look at it immediately.   She called Dell to figure out what was going on, but since she is not too computer savvy, she really couldn’t give them enough information.  Finally, she came up to visit me and brought her computer with her.

 I could not believe what I saw.   Along with the usual bloatware, that is easy to remove and basically harmless, when I did a virus scan on the computer, it was filled with viruses.  Not just spyware, but actual viruses.  I am surprised Windows was even able to start.  There were 14 different viruses.  None of which were put on by my sister because she was never able to connect to the internet.

That is unbelieveable and Dell offered no real solution.  I called to complain, and they offered me a 20% coupon code.  so, in other words, if we decide to give them our hard earned money again, they will give us a deal!  Thanks a lot Dell.

Sure, it was fairly easy to fix, since my sister did not install anything yet. So all I had to do was reformat the drive, and reinstall XP.  But it was an hour of my life I will never get back thanks to Dell.  I have half a mind to send them a bill for $60, which is what I bill clients for my time.  (No, I am not rich.  It IS good money, but I don’t get 40 hours a week.  Usually only around 25-30.  And paying for your own health insurance is a bitch!)


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