Daniel Eran at Roughly Drafted is trying to destroy Digg!

After the masses got sick of his obvious gaming of the system and got him banned from Digg , Daniel has been going on a little tirade with each new post.  He complains about a coordinated attack on his site, and has people write an e-mail to Digg to complain.  The funny thing is, after complaining that the attack on RDM is coordinated, he them not only provides the subject for the Digg complaint e-mail, but the whole body of the e-mail as well.  (Someone might call that a “coordinated attack on Digg.”)

Well, with his last post, he has taken this one step further, and he now officially lost his mind.  Since Digg is too “pro-Microsoft” and no pro-Apple article EVER makes it to the front page he is trying to get his minions to send Apple an e-mail to have them create a competitor to Digg.  All for his OWN interest.  Not for real competition. 

How do I know this?  Well, take a look at the pre-written body of the e-mail…

Please build an alternative to Digg.com as suggested by Hyperblogging The Web at http://www.roughlydrafted.com/RD/Home/6A50F25B-9E50-45B4-AA17-F145B5D091EE.html because the world needs honest and reliable sources of information

Yup.  He wants an alternative to Digg.  But he wants it to only focus on Roughly Drafted

It really is kind of sad.  Daniel is an unemployed “consultant” who was relying on the ad revenue he was getting every time his articles made it to the front page.  And with the holidays coming, he is desperate.  It is also sad that I think he really believes the bullshit that comes out of his mouth.  He really thinks that pro-Apple stories never stay on Digg and that the site is mostly pro-Microsoft.  I guess he thinks that Digg is mostly pro-Sony, and pro-RIAA/MPAA as well.  And that they all shop at Best Buy, and ALWAYS purchase the extended warranty at the Best Buy register.

And the saddest part is that he thinks Apple is going to do something like this just because they receive a few dozen e-mails (from about 6-7 different people) suggesting it.

Besides, why does the world need another site where Apple fanboys can all collectively orgasm over the latest set of inane Mac commercials?  They’ve already got Digg to do that.


19 Responses to “Daniel Eran at Roughly Drafted is trying to destroy Digg!”

  1. Zybch Says:

    Pretty damn pathetic, and another great example of this guy trying to manipulate digg for his own ends.

    He really does seem to have a persecution complex, one that is aimed squarely at the evil M$ Empire whom he somehow seems to believe was responsible for his banning, despite MS NEVER having sponsored digg at all (diggnation yes, but thats entirely separate from digg).

    Apple won’t take any action. They know damn well that digg is some of the best free advertising they could get, and that nutcases like Eran only give them a bad name.

    What is sad, is that he’ll rant and rale against digg and all non-apple users for ever. He’ll turn his banishment from digg into a sort of quasi-religion and it will eat him up from the inside, turning his every waking moment into how to bring about the downfall of the evil Microsoft and its digger minions.

  2. JC Says:

    uh, does anyone really care?

  3. Jon T Says:

    Whatever happened to free speech.

    I and many others Dugg his articles.

    Just because a brainwashed Microsoft group of people hate his views so much that they could not believe anyone could support him, and therefore presumed he had created all the Diggs himself.

    That is a joke.

  4. anon Says:

    Just a pet peave, clean up the spelling and typos. Your article looks like it was written by a 13 old with all the typos. Heck maybe it was.

  5. hdustinbing Says:

    Um…JonT…do you knw what Free Speech means? Obviously not.
    Here is the thing. When stupid kids try to use phrases that htey have heard older, smarter people use, you REALLY have to makesure you understand what they are talking about.
    Free speech applies to the GOVERNMENT not being able to shut up citizens. It does not apply here.
    You see, when stupid kids try to use those big words that they hear adults use, and then they use it incorrectrly, it does not make them sound smarter. It only makes them look as dumb as they (you) really are.

    And, um..Jon..when 50+ people sign up within THJREE days…and do NOTHING but Diggf RDM articles within TWENTY MINUTES of it being submitted, it is obvious who the idiots are. And that is the ones that think they were being sublte enough to get away with it. Either you are a small group of people, or ALL of you have absolutely no life so you are constnatly on your computer to know EXACTLY whaen and RDM artcile was submitted to all Digg it within 20 minutes. (Whereas most artciels get 2-3 Diggs in the first 20 minutes, instead of RDM’s 30+.)

    Go ahead and keep trying to deny it. But everyone with a brain knows. And that is why you are done. Nice to see RDM’s page views drop severely since too!

  6. danieleran Says:

    I cheated Digg and got caught. Now I have lost my mind.

  7. hdustinbing Says:

    Um…Wilf… NO ONE has freedom of speech on web sites, etc. unless it is a GOVERNMENT web site.

    Seriously..the only thing worse than a stupid kid repeating what he heard older smarter people say is to quote Wikipedia and still not realize that Freedom of Speech is guaranteed only when it pertains the the GOVERNMENT.

    By the way, Frredom of Speeech also gace us the right to bury his bullshit articles. Not that it mattered. it doesn’t apply to Digg.

  8. hdustinbing Says:

    Just to follwo up for the morons Wilf and Jon…you Do realize that Digg, or whomever, could ban Daniel just becuase he doesn’t like his name. Perfectly OK, since it is not a government site.

  9. hdustinbing Says:

    Wow…all the pro-RDM comments were sent with proxy servers. Go figure. Nah…can’t be the same person.

  10. Zybch Says:

    Its amazing that all of daniel’s defendants here seem to have bought into his “waaaah, I was banned because of anti-apple ‘diggtards’ ”
    NOBODY here or in the comments of daniels bullshit have ever said that apple is a crap company. In fact a lot of people who dugg down daniel’s crap are very pro-apple, and just want to get rid of this stupid fanboy/anatic as it makes ALL apple users look like stupid petulant assholes!

    He truly is completely deluded when he starts claiming that MS has bought the souls of those that run digg.com and are now using digg as their own propaganda machine, despite the fact that digg.com is one of the BIGGEST pro-apple-lovefest sites on the whole damn internet!

    We don’t love MS, we don’t hate Apple, we just find Eran and his constant crap, inaccurate stories, outright lies and schoolboy attitude against any detractors annoying enough to bury all of his stories.
    Thats why he was banned.
    Its NOTHING about freedom of speech, its about whats in the best interest for DIGG.COM as decided by digg’s administrators.

    If he was a victim of his freedom of speech being taken away, then the results would be a LOT worse than a single web site (albeit a very popular one) refusing to carry his crap any more.

  11. hdustinbing Says:

    Again. Wilf…you can try to deny that there was any gaming…but you are just making yourself look more stupid. Fifty people, all signing up within THREE days (65 people signing up in 5 days) all right after Daniel cried about not making hte front page and getting buried.
    And then., where every other submissions takes a little while to get seen and dugg, ALL of RDM articles re dugg by 20 or more people in less than 20 minutes.
    Do you REALLY not see an anomaly there? No matter what time of the day, including 1:00 AM on a Friday night/Saturday morning (in other words, anywhere in the US it would be times when most people are doing things OTHER than being on the computer, and most people in eastern Europe are not awake yet.) RDM artciles get 20 Diggs IMMEDIATELY.
    Soprry, but there is no way that happens with 20 separate people all just happening to stumble on it.
    Plus, I have proof from my first post about his gaming, becuase the morons who commented on it did it from the SAME IP ADDRESS despite him sending comments as 4 different people.
    I know, now you are going to say that they are all rooommates. Anything to avoid the obvious truth.

    As for the proxy servers, it is not hard to figure out what is a proxy server and what isn’t.

  12. hdustinbing Says:

    By the way, what is comical is this..that pops up on RDM’s comments section..
    Banned by webmaster. Your comments will not be added
    So…censorship is OK, or not?
    It is hysterical when compelte unknowns think that Microsoft has nothing better to do than the pay someone to go to his site that gets like 4 page views a day to make comments.

    Sorry RDM, like everyone else in the world, Bill gates doesn’t know you exist, and never will.

    You are like those wacko conspiracy sites claiming that George Bush personally flew the planes into the WTC by remote control and when someone points out the obvious flaws in any of their theories, they just say “You are obviously working for the government.” Yeah…OK. The government is keeping this massive coverup, and yet they have no problem employing HUNDREDS of people who do nothing but scour the internet to try to discredit the “truth”. Someone needs to tell these idots like you that the key to a cover up is to have as few people as possible in on it so there is less chance of someone blowing the whistle on it.

  13. Dusty Binns Says:

    Whoever you are you’re some illiterate drooling moron.

    You’re uneducated, unsophisticated, and stupid too.

  14. hdustinbing Says:

    thanks for your insightful comments dustybinns. You pretty much prove my point how worthless the RDM crowd is.

    Notice your site is dying a slow death now that they can’t sponge off Digg anymore.

  15. Kinn Says:

    I just started reading RDM

    I find Daniel’s posts very well thought out and with plenty of references. He definitely has strong opinion but he doesn’t come off as a shouting toddler.

    What I find petty and juvenile is this post and the majority of the comments associated with it.


  16. JKfan Says:

    Kinn…he also doesn’t come across as someone with ANY journalistic integrity. Half of hte things he says are completely false. And actually, now that I think about it, you are wrong. He DOEs come across as a screaming toddler. Do you think the juvenile photoshoppings he makes is journalism? Or even mature? Nope.

    None of his articles are written with even the slightest bit of objectivity. They are so ridiculously biased that they don’t matter.

  17. tonye Says:

    you’re all just a bunch of assholes.it’s not about pro-apple or pro-microsoft,daniel is just a guy who is putting his own ideas down for anyone who’s interested in reading.yes he does go about it in a juvenile fashion but that’s just his personality.there’s nothing wrong with that is there? Whats important is that at least 70% of his articles are fact checked and true.it would have been different he had no links to verify most of his claims but i guess anyone who’s read his articles has done some research to check his claims.that’s the whole point of reading an article.you really can’t blame him if his articles start a cult following-it’s only natural to support proponents of ideas you find relevant.there.if you mindless drones have to attack someone,how about rob enderle?

    EDIT BY MODERATOR : Yes…here is somethign wrong with a grown man claiming to be professional while acting like a 12 year old. It is precisely the reason why Daniel will never be able to get a REAL job and has to try to sponge off the Digg effect for a living.

  18. Dale Says:

    At least… 70%…

    Shit, that’s a great strike rate.

  19. Electric Griddle Says:

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