Target hates their customers

I often see people complain about big evil Wal-Mart and say things like “I shop at Target.  They care about their customers.”  Well, they couldn’t be more wrong at least as far as two separate occurrences my family had in just 2 days.The first instance was when I saw a cordless phone/answering machine on their website.  It was on sale for $36.99.  The website said that online orders would ship in 2-6 weeks.  It also said “ALSO IN STORES”  Now, I have shopped at Target many times, and often check out their web page before going to the store to get whatever I want.  So I know that whenever there is an online only sale, it ALWAYS mentions on the website that the sale is online only.  It did not say it for this phone.My mom went to her Target to get the phone as a Christmas present.  For some reason, she made a special trip just for the phone, despite the fact that she is 72 years old and has asthma, emphysema and COPD.  (No matter how many times I tell her not to bother, she does.)  To make a long story short, they charged her the full price of $39.99.  Granted, it was only $3, but it was the principle of the thing.  So first she called and asked why and they told her that that is what was scanning and they couldn’t do anything about it.  I then called and after being put on hold for almost 10 minutes (I am sure they are busy, so I wasn’t too upset) I was basically told the same thing and also that has no connection to Target stores.  Which, of course, is absurd since it specifically said ALSO IN STORES in the online ad.

I could not call the number because it was too late on Friday and they would not be available until Monday.  I did send an e-mail and they replied saying that they don’t price match between and Target stores.  I replied back saying that this was not a case of price matching.  It was a case of the web site claiming that the sale item was ALSO IN STORES when it was not.  Again, I know their policy is to specifically mention if a sale is ONLINE ONLY.  And this did not say that.  I haven’t gotten a reply to that yet.

The next instance was much worse.  My mom is trying to get a Nintendo Wii for my nieces.  She figures if she can take care of all her grandchildren with one major gift, it would be easier for her.  I warned her it would not be easy but she still wanted to try.  She has tried a few laces the last few weeks with the expected no luck.  But last night things looked fairly good.  She called her local Target and was told that they had a big shipment ready to be sold at 8:30 and was told to get there by 7:00 at the latest.  My sister then called again this morning at 6:30 and again was told that they were going on sale at 8:30 and that she should get there as soon as possible if she wanted a chance.  So they went there.

AFTER sitting there for an hour and a half, they were told that they gave out tickets LAST NIGHT to purchase the system today.  Yes…before my mom called last night, and way before my sister called this morning, they already knew that all their systems were already taken by people with tickets.  Yet they continued to tell people to come in at 8:30…knowing full well that there were no systems left for them.  They also knew that there were far more people waiting in line than just the people that they had given tickets to last night, and did not tell anyone until 8:30 rolled around.  Had they at least done that, she may have gotten one at Gamestop since she went there right after and was 11th on line for 9 systems.  An extra hour and a half could have meant the difference between 11th in line and 9th in line.

Now, I don’t like to complain about isolated incidents like this usually.  And the phone thing was just stupidty so I was not too pissed at that.  But to tell customers to come to the store at 7:00 AM on a Sunday morning for a Nintendo that they had already sold crosses the line.  I can’t tell if it is supreme stupidity on the part of the employees, or store policy to get people to the store under false pretenses.  If it was just one call in which they were told to come I would tend to lean toward employee stupidity.  But I find it hard to believe that two employees could be so poorly trained as to not realize that they were giving tickets out the night before.  It is not like my mom was the only person to call up about the Nintendo.


15 Responses to “Target hates their customers”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Ill tell ya a lil something about Target. We just had a new one open up about 2 months ago near me. I was thrilled.
    The first time I went in, I bought a purse that I could just throw around and stuff. It was marked on the ticket as 16.99. It wasnt on sale or anything. They charged me 18.99. I didnt notice at the store. I went back, and they fought me about it. I finally got the 2 bucks, then she said to me, even 18.99 is a great price. So not the point.
    I went in a second time to shop… they had table clothes on sale 7 bucks any size. I bought the exact same 2 clothes, one for me, one for a gift for my aunt, they charged me the 7 for the first one. They charged me 14.99 for the second (NO it wasnt a limit to one per customer.)
    Again, I didnt notice (I had made a considerable number of purchases both times). When I got home and saw the error… I took it back. They fought me on it.
    2 shopping trips. 2 overcharges. Watch your receipts when you shop at Target.

  2. hdustinbing Says:

    Anonymous…then should not put ALSO IN STORES next to that item. OR it should put SALE PRICE ONLY APPLIES TO WEB SALE. The very fact that they DO say that for other items but not the phone is what bothered me. They specifcally mention when an item is only on sale if you purchase it online. And this one did not mention that. It told me to shop at stores, and even told me that it was available at my local Target and at the one near my om’s house.

  3. truckerswife Says:

    Things happen to different people, it just so happens both instances were from Target, but I’m sure not all Targets are the same.Again just an opinion

  4. hdustinbing Says:

    Oh, I know it is not all Targets. I was exaggerating with the title. (Come on…it wouldn’t be a true blog if there wasn’t exaggeration in my whining.) Normally I wouldn’t say anything at all, but this was such a ridiculously idiotic thing for them to do. The fact that they had ALREADY given out the tickets, knowing that every available Wii was already spoken for, and yet they were still tell people to come at 7:00 for the 8:30 release, and then didn’t bother telling people on the line when they knew damn well that there were FAR more people on the line than they gave out tickets to. There were just too many mistakes made for something that should is such a major issue thesed past few weeks that all employees that will be asked (meaning electronics department and the main operators) should definitely be on the same page to avoid this.

  5. missy Says:

    you are all stupid and target is like any other business they have rules and limitations on things i think that it is to say that i don’t get what i want and i am mad listen to the rules and regulations and don’t be stupid about it…. target is great i like them and shop there all the time and it is better than any other major corportation

    NOTE: A store does not have the right to bait and switch. Saying that an item on sale is ALSO AVAILABLE IN STORES means that the item on sale is AVAILABLE IN STORES! If they want to charge a different price for it, they must say so. That is the LAW.

  6. TargetSucks Says:

    Take a look at and for more info on Target.

  7. lee Says:

    I had 3 incidents at Target and I believe they play around with prices all the time. Both times I went to my local Target for a sale item. Both times when I arrived at the store the item was not in stock, I was told to visit another Target because they would hold the item. When I got there the item was not on sale in the alternate Target store. The reason?. Not all Targets are affiliated and do not put things on sale at the same time.

    Hogwash, what is on sale in one Target should be on sale in all other stores. They say they only do this with “seasonal” items. But I beg to differ, every advertised item was a different price in the “alternate Target store”. I will leave the locations out to protect the guilty.

  8. lee Says:

    Target, targets areas based on the ability to pay. And “steers” their customers to different locations . They bait and switch all the time but that is just business?. They do it too much and it is an unfair practice. Even with a receipt they give you a hard time. The discount is good, but do not return anything and no one knows anything. They make up prices. Their is not stability, the price in one store is as different as if you shopped in Target and Macy’s. I called customer service on the 800 # and all they could say was “sorry” that is our policy.

  9. tiffanyk Says:

    I think that all of these things that went wrong with you guys could happen at any other store. Yes it is wrong for the website to say that the sale is at the store to and that they told you the wrong information on the phone because i would be very upset about that. I like target though just because they have good deals on almost everything i usally want, but i hate how target never has CD’s that i want. :/

  10. Alexwebmaster Says:

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  11. 100% happy Says:

    I work for Target, i can answer most of your problems.
    *ALSO IN STORES* means yes this item is also sold in stores but it doesn’t mean that its being sold for that price. Target has no affiliation with

    The Wii thing, the receptionist you spoke to was busy trying to work so he/she answered your question the best of there abilities, theyre not telepathic they dont know the staff on the floor were giving out pre-order tickets. next time ask to speak to the departments staff members.

    The purse that scanned up wrong, it happens. most of the time a sale is coming up team members are putting up signs/tickets. the girls at the registers dont have google maps to see all the tickets in the store. and they havent been told to change the price. And not all signs get put up before hand so they wont make things scan up otherwise they lose profit.

    The table clothes, from $7 i wasn’t there but ive worked at target long enough to know that would be the case. or another customer has put a full price cloth on the budget table because there to lazy to put it back from where it came from.

    Target does not exist to rip you off, people need to learn to read the signs. its not that hard.

    • lakawak Says:

      Nice try…but no…the law does not agree with you. You don’t put Also in Stores on a SALE page and then say “No…we just meant tha it is availabe in the store” NO other company would do that. As for “speaking to the department head” We DID, idiot. If you treally worked at Target (and not just as the janitor) you would know that when you call for a question, you are transfered to the department line.

  12. eaglebear Says:

    Yesterday, I went to Target to buy household goods that I lost in a divorce. I needed towels, plates, cups, utensils, sheets, laundry detergent and so forth, so I chose Target as my store. Two shopping carts later, I was at the register in a long line and wrote a check for the total amount. The checker and his trainer announced to me and everyone nearby that my check was “no good.” I knew the check was good so I asked to speak with a manager right away. After waiting several minutes and no manager surfaced, I left the store and the 2 shopping carts full of goods. I called the number for Target Check Authority and found out that I had no “check writing history” with Target. None of my previous purchases by check over the last 20 years were for more than $150 so they would not accept a check yesterday for $430! They made me feel I was a criminal yesterday. Yet it was their unwritten check writing policy that was stopping the sale. I spoke to customer relations and they did not care and said it was my fault. I asked them how serious they were about being #1 if they wouldn’t take my $$$? Boycott Target! They will never receive another dime from me!

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