Proof that Ron Paul Supporters are idiots, and also gaming Digg.

Ron Paul supporters embarrassing themselvesClick to see names of idiot Ron Paul supporters.

Before the debate began, I submitted a “story” regarding the debate, claiming that Ron paul was clearly already winning.  I did so as a joke, to mock the idiots who were seriously when they were telling others to vote for him asthte winner of the debate hours before it started.  Hysterically, I got over 80 Diggs for this post.  And while some were by regular people in on the joke, avery big portion were from Ron Paul supporters who didn’t realize that they were being mocked.

 Not only does this prove that they are idiots, but also that there are dozens of Ron Paul supporters whose sole purpose on Digg is to Digg up any and every submissions that remotely appears to be pro-Ron Paul, without clicking on the link to check it out.  Further proof are my other submissions for the night which were even more mocking in nature.  These posts got a few dozen Diggs as well.

It is obvious to see, yet they still wonder why the network aren’t falling for their flooding of the polls to make it seem like he is more popular than they really are.

 Can wait for him to drop out of the race.  And after tonight, it will come sooner than expected.  Ron Paul himself knows it, of course.  No republican candidate would say what he said if he thought he had any chance to win the nomination.


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