A typical Day at Digg. Filled with hypocrisy…

On Monday, the Digg community was gathering around to pay tribute to their god Jon Stewart for supposedly paying his writers their full salaries for at least 2 weeks while they were on strike.  The story got over 5000 Diggs, and any and every post that did not line up to suck Steart’s penis was blasted and buried. 

A funny thing happened on Monday night and Tuesday however. This story was shown to be BULLSHIT.  Stewart is not paying his writers anything.  Yet…when a Digg users submitted a story to clear it up, it was ignored.

Come on Diggers.  Are you trying to get the FACTS out, or has Digg really just become the online version of the audio-visual club, where social outcasts come to shut out the real world and pretend that their fantasies are real life?

Remember…the FACTS are that Jon Stewart is not paying his writers.  And that important correction deserves to be pointed out on Digg’s front page.


2 Responses to “A typical Day at Digg. Filled with hypocrisy…”

  1. Nick Says:

    You are an abrasive fellow. I kind of like it. What led me here was your comment about Suzie Q’s background verifying her teenage youth. I am color-blind as fuck, but the background looked white to me. I was just curious what you were referring to. My curiosity has gotten the best of me. Nice blog BTW. I seem to have my issues with Digg’s users as well; though less from a political or Apple standpoint.


  2. hdustinbing Says:

    Your color blindness shouldn’t have prevented you from seeing it. (though I don’t understand every aspect of color blindess I guess.) Maybe the background was changed. It was a typical MySpacian background. With animated snokwflakes falling It was subtle, since the background WAS mainly white. But on some parts of the page, you could see it.

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