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Ron Paul Bury Brigade burying all anti-RP stories!

January 30, 2008

Bunch of hypocrites quickly buried my last post that was sincenely warning them not to hurt their own credibility by trying to make it seem like the Florida results were a POSITIVEhing for him.  Buried in less than an hour. 

And THEY talk about a bury brigade?  (Oh and just so you know RonPaulians…I saw your post on a Ron Paul site telling people to bury me…pretty obvious that you coordinate your activity on Digg.)


A warning to all Ron Paul supporters

January 30, 2008

RonPaulians, heed this warning.  It is sincere.  I know you have said some crazy thing the past few months.  You have given up all reality in an effort to not accept how unpopular your candidate is.  However, for your own good, realize that now is NOT the time to stand up for your man.

If you attempt to spin the Florida results into anything positive (claiming that it will be a two man race implying somehow that Ron Paul and his 3% is in better shape than Romney and his 31%.  Gloating over Giuliani dropping out, or acting like his concession speech was sincere and not an OBVIOUS jab you how delusional you are with the debates (note…he does NOT think that Ron Paul won all the debates) will only serve to destroy any last tiny shred of integrity and dignity that you have.  The fact remains that if Ron Paul had any integrity, he would have dropped out already.  The reason he hasn’t is because this has never been about the presidency.  It has been about publicity for a book deal.  There is not other reason for a man who has seen his support steadily DROP in every single state in which he has had any competition to stay in the race.  A book deal is all he cares about.  And always has.

Save yourself the embarrassment.  Admit defeat, both in Florida and in life.

Taking bets on the RonPaulian’s excuses

January 16, 2008

Have Ron Paul fans given up?

January 9, 2008

Take a look at the responses of Ron Paul fans tonight, after the New Hampshire primary and compare them to the responses last week after the Iowa Caucus.  It seems like most Ron Paulians have FINALLY come to their senses, and rejoined the real world. 

Just check out any Digg submission from after the Iowa Caucus.  The Paulians were saying that he only got 10% because of Iowa’s religious voters.  They all assured us that New Hampshire would be MUCH different, and all talk was of a definite victory.  Yes, the rest of us all had a good laugh with that.  But they were serious.  They all gauranteed a victory…not just a strong showing, but a victory.

Now take a look at the comments in any thread regarding the New Hampshire results.  Instead of excuses (and sure, there are those too…the typical…no one knows him crap, which doesn’t explain a 20% DROP in support after a week where he goit a LOT of coverage) the RonPaulians have resorted to name calling and “Well, I hope you like the crap that you will get now.”

Sounds to me like they are giving up.  About time.  Now they can go away.

I may have been wrong about Ron Paul

January 9, 2008

All throughout the last several months, as Ron Paul’s supporters have flooded various newsboards, including Digg with predictions of victory, I have been hard on the guy.  But now, I think I am set to change my mind.  I am a man of integrity, and admit when I am wrong.  I predicted that Ron Paul would drop out of the race after Super Tuesday.  I am sorry.  That was stupid statement and I take it back.  Satisfied, Ron Paul fans?  I said I was wrong.

Based on the last couple days, it looks like he will be gone before then.

Digg needs a Filter for Candidates List

January 6, 2008

OK, great, we got a silly images section, and then some.  Now every story gets a picture, no matter how unreleated to the article it may be, lengthening the already long loading times of the page even more.  But here is something else that is needed.  The ability to filter based on who the submitter or commenter has added to his/her Digg the Candidates list.  Filtering out anyone who has added Ron Paul will be a GIANT step toward bring Digg back to its once great former self.

And lest you think I am just blasting the RonPaulians, I am not.  After all, RonPaulians, wouldn’t it be great to make Digg your own?  To only communicate with people who also don’t live in reality?  By filtering out anyone BUT people who have added Ron Paul, you can now do just that.  Your own little Delusional Digg.