Digg needs a Filter for Candidates List

OK, great, we got a silly images section, and then some.  Now every story gets a picture, no matter how unreleated to the article it may be, lengthening the already long loading times of the page even more.  But here is something else that is needed.  The ability to filter based on who the submitter or commenter has added to his/her Digg the Candidates list.  Filtering out anyone who has added Ron Paul will be a GIANT step toward bring Digg back to its once great former self.

And lest you think I am just blasting the RonPaulians, I am not.  After all, RonPaulians, wouldn’t it be great to make Digg your own?  To only communicate with people who also don’t live in reality?  By filtering out anyone BUT people who have added Ron Paul, you can now do just that.  Your own little Delusional Digg.


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