Have Ron Paul fans given up?

Take a look at the responses of Ron Paul fans tonight, after the New Hampshire primary and compare them to the responses last week after the Iowa Caucus.  It seems like most Ron Paulians have FINALLY come to their senses, and rejoined the real world. 

Just check out any Digg submission from after the Iowa Caucus.  The Paulians were saying that he only got 10% because of Iowa’s religious voters.  They all assured us that New Hampshire would be MUCH different, and all talk was of a definite victory.  Yes, the rest of us all had a good laugh with that.  But they were serious.  They all gauranteed a victory…not just a strong showing, but a victory.

Now take a look at the comments in any thread regarding the New Hampshire results.  Instead of excuses (and sure, there are those too…the typical…no one knows him crap, which doesn’t explain a 20% DROP in support after a week where he goit a LOT of coverage) the RonPaulians have resorted to name calling and “Well, I hope you like the crap that you will get now.”

Sounds to me like they are giving up.  About time.  Now they can go away.


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