I may have been wrong about Ron Paul

All throughout the last several months, as Ron Paul’s supporters have flooded various newsboards, including Digg with predictions of victory, I have been hard on the guy.  But now, I think I am set to change my mind.  I am a man of integrity, and admit when I am wrong.  I predicted that Ron Paul would drop out of the race after Super Tuesday.  I am sorry.  That was stupid statement and I take it back.  Satisfied, Ron Paul fans?  I said I was wrong.

Based on the last couple days, it looks like he will be gone before then.


5 Responses to “I may have been wrong about Ron Paul”

  1. William Drake Says:

    teee heee…arent u so CLEVER!

    …enjoy your REAL ID card…asshat.

  2. Midoc Says:

    Giving in to terrorists demands has never been a good idea.

  3. Giuliani Says:

    Have fun with your hard earned dollars getting devalued… the rate of decline is already more than the % you get in banks. Rape the world with your missiles and make sure that theres no-child-left-behind-who-hates-America-as-he/she-grows-up.

  4. Jana Murray Says:

    You have really missed the boat, and know nothing of integrity, obviously.

  5. hdustinbing Says:

    Billyboy…I will enjoy an ID card. IT is a smart thing for the country. Privacy is NOT the same thing as anonymity. No one is guaranteed the right to be anonymous.

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