A warning to all Ron Paul supporters

RonPaulians, heed this warning.  It is sincere.  I know you have said some crazy thing the past few months.  You have given up all reality in an effort to not accept how unpopular your candidate is.  However, for your own good, realize that now is NOT the time to stand up for your man.

If you attempt to spin the Florida results into anything positive (claiming that it will be a two man race implying somehow that Ron Paul and his 3% is in better shape than Romney and his 31%.  Gloating over Giuliani dropping out, or acting like his concession speech was sincere and not an OBVIOUS jab you how delusional you are with the debates (note…he does NOT think that Ron Paul won all the debates) will only serve to destroy any last tiny shred of integrity and dignity that you have.  The fact remains that if Ron Paul had any integrity, he would have dropped out already.  The reason he hasn’t is because this has never been about the presidency.  It has been about publicity for a book deal.  There is not other reason for a man who has seen his support steadily DROP in every single state in which he has had any competition to stay in the race.  A book deal is all he cares about.  And always has.

Save yourself the embarrassment.  Admit defeat, both in Florida and in life.


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