Ron Paul Bury Brigade burying all anti-RP stories!

Bunch of hypocrites quickly buried my last post that was sincenely warning them not to hurt their own credibility by trying to make it seem like the Florida results were a POSITIVEhing for him.  Buried in less than an hour. 

And THEY talk about a bury brigade?  (Oh and just so you know RonPaulians…I saw your post on a Ron Paul site telling people to bury me…pretty obvious that you coordinate your activity on Digg.)


3 Responses to “Ron Paul Bury Brigade burying all anti-RP stories!”

  1. sauer kraut Says:

    I hear ya, bro.

    The ronulans clammer about the lack of publicity for their pro-freedom candidate but when regular joes start asking for real answers to questions about the candidacy of Ron Paul, they either mock or muzzle.

    The censoring of part of your comment at saintluke did not go unnoticed by this voter.

    What are they afraid of? And why don’t they respond to reasonable questions or commentary about the candidate of their choice? Is pot smoking all they care about? Is that the far extent of their “freedom”?

  2. Biseor Says:

    Oh wow, what a conspiracy. Now a hand full of 40 year old retards won’t see some negative Ron Paul PR via Digg. You should call the police or something.

    So yeah, go ahead and vote for your beloved McCain, maybe he’ll fix Target or your old bitch’s Asthmar.

  3. lakawak Says:

    Nice job biseor…prove to the world the maturity level of the typical RonPaulian YET AGAIN! You do realize that you have cost Ron Paul FAR more votes than you can imagine, right? Because of 12 year olds like you with the personal attacks, he now is in for the fight of his life to save his otherwise very safe re-election to Congress. Keep up the good work. You are doing far more harm to ron Paul than I ever could. If Ron Paul ever met you are read what you were doing in his name, he would slap the shit out of you. Ron Paul HATES you.

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