Ahhhh, those wacky Ron Paul supporters. Part 1

This will be an ongoing look at the ridiculous posts on the Ron Paul forums.  Most are ridiculous because of how delusional the poster is.  Others are downright scary.  All are hysterical.  And all will make you feel good about yourself, knowing that you life can’t possibly be as bad as their lives are.

 First up is a moron who wants to give money to Ron Paul to take a vacation.  Awwww…how sweet.

OceanBlue  Member                      About: Join Date: Nov 2007Posts: 15   

Let’s show Ron Paul how much we love him…………..

Perhaps, now is not the time but I would love to see a money bomb for Ron Paul to thank him for everything he’s done. It would be nice to see him and his wife rewarded with a luxurious vacation or a vacation home, whatever.Something to let them know how much they are loved.Legally I don’t know if this is posible.Is anyone with me………


5 Responses to “Ahhhh, those wacky Ron Paul supporters. Part 1”

  1. Raul Says:

    Pretty crazy, wanting to reward people for their hard work.
    Complete morons. Who would give money to someone who did hard work?
    I think it’s better to just wait for your favorite government program to give out money in a socialist sort of way, for no reason, and whenever people just apply for it. Sort of like welfare, or socialism security.

  2. John Reading Says:

    Dude! That is so, like, totally whacky! Like who cares about liberty, property or privacy? Like who cares if this Ron Paul dude is right on? He’s not on TV, man, so I know he doesn’t count, so why care about him? Reward him for what? Failing to get on TV? What a loser. I’ll, like, vote for him when I see his signature on my welfare check, dude.

  3. L. Step Says:

    It is always evident when someone’s basement blog is close to extinction. In a desperate effort to evoke any comments on their trivia they write something nasty about Ron Paul. This last-ditch tactic often works! Clever! Keep those comments flowing in!

  4. lakawak Says:

    It IS crazy…the guy has MUCH more money than you ever will. He suckered you into buy his book (which is what this whole “election” campaign was all about) Again…you think you are the first people to be “loyal” to a candidate? Nope. You are nothing but a cult who wants t “reward the leader”.

    Let’s put it this way…he would NOT take a vacation with the money.

  5. lakawak Says:

    And it is pretty fucking funny to see you all talk about welfare when every other post on the ronPaulforums is about a guy who is proud to be out of work, and not looking for a new job because he is instead spending his time campaigning for a guy that never had any chance of winning, or even making a a difference.

    At some point, you will wake up and realize what a terrible, terrible waste you have made with your lives. And then you will go into the garage, start the car, and go into a nice sleep. And no one in the world will even notice.

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