Ahhhh, those wacky Ron Paul supporters. Part 10

This genius wants to call a general strike in the United States.  Apparently, he thinks that even though less than 6% of people are even willing to VOTE for Ron Paul, than he can get enough people to basically give up their jobs (since they would immediately get fired) to try to destroy the country for him.  The delusions know no end.


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 Grassroots Activity: General Strike!

  GHemminger has the great idea of borrowing from Atlas Shrugged and actually attempting to organize a general strike in the United States in order to show the bureaucrats and Congress who is boss. This was pulled off in Venezuela, but the people lifted it a week too early. This needs to be sustained until congressmen and even UN boobs are beseeching us to stop.  The could even be extended to Mexico with little difficulty, as those who independently help create wealth in one way or the other are extremely frustrated with the overbearing regulations and corruption.  



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