Ahhhh, those wacky Ron Paul supporters. Part 14

More secession talk from our favorite 15 year old.  This time he thinks people are oging to move to specific states and wait 3 years for his plan to take hold.  I guess that is how people with no financial responsibility think.  Must be great to be 15 again, and so clueless as to how the world works.


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 Here are states we can easily take over.

   And when I say take over I mean have complete control of the legislative process in that state. So what states are these??Alaska Delaware Kansas Mississippi New Hampshire Rhode Island Vermont Wyoming.

Why these states you may ask?? Simple, it’s all based on Representatives and Senators ratio to the population. Example: In a state with 5 million, if that state has 100 state representatives, it has a representative to population ratio of 50,000. What’s our goal? Ultimately to get the lowest ratio possible. Why do that? You have the best chance of persuading a smaller community with limited funds. The smaller the ratio, the less funds you would need, the less effort, the less of a “politician” you need to be, etc. Here are the ratios of the states I mentioned: Alaska: House: 16,700 Senate: 33,500

Delaware: House: 20,800 Senate: 40,600

Idaho: House: 21,400 Senate: 42,800

Kansas: House: 22,400 Senate: 70,000

Maine: House: 8,600 Senate: 37,100

Mississippi: House: 23,700 Senate: 55,800

Montana: House: 9,400 Senate: 18,800

New Hampshire: House: 3,200 Senate: 54,100

North Dakota: House: 6,700 Senate: 13,500

Rhode Island: House: 13,300 Senate: 26,300

South Dakota: House: 11,200 Senate: 22,300

Vermont: House: 4,100 Senate: 20,800

West Virginia: House: 18,000 Senate: 53,000

Wyoming: House: 8,500 Senate: 17,100  

It’s important to note the average ratio of all the states for the House is around 75,000. The Senate around 150,000. That’s what makes these states stand out.  I believe most of these states you have to be a resident of the state for around 3-4 years and a resident of the district for a year to be eligible to run. So that means get to it! 

Want to Secede from the Union??  

PM me. Recruiting many for a new website/organization. 


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