Ahhhh, those wacky Ron Paul supporters. Part 15

Joining forces with Al-Jazeera.  Yup!  THAT is a great way to get Ron Paul elected!  Smart move guys!



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 Contact Al-Jazeera For a New Documentary About Us & RP

   Hey everybody, please listen to this carefully and do not turn your back to it. Because this can big if it is digested right.Al-Jazeera English was first launched in the US at the end of 2006. This channel is very well funded and it has a very enthusiastic teams like us.It is more popular outside America and still struggling inside. Yesterday I was thinking in all this and I decided to send a letter asking them to make a documentary film about Ron Paul and the revolution. I think it is a huge opportunity for both of us we the revolution and Al-Jazeera. We have been begging for months the MSM and we did not gain from them except stress and disrespect so why we do not try with some other media that might listen to us. All I am asking you is to share with me and hammer Al-Jazeera English with an ocean of requests to start in the documentary. And here is Al-Jazeera En on Wiki for more information http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Jazeera_English

And here is the letter I sent them:  Dear Al-jazeera team,  I used to watch and enjoy alot of strong documentaries coming from your organization, both in Arabic and in English. I think this is the right time for a major media outlet like Al-Jazeera to step out and take a stand for freedom. It’s time for Al-Jazeera to stand out for a man of integrity, a man who spent his life preaching peace and prosperity. This man is Dr.Ron Paul the 2008 Republican presidential candidate. It is no secret anymore how the main stream media in The United States ignores Ron Paul. They are intensionaly trying to block him out by all means since this election started. It is so obvious that his message is shaking the whole establishment which the MSM is a major part of. Behind Ron Paul stands a very sincere crowd from inside and outside The United States. This crowd sacrifice their time and money for their freedom and for the messenger who represents them. Those people are everywhere and you will not believe the support which Ron Paul generates from outside the US from Canada to New Zealand to Australia to England and even the UAE. His supporters are from all ethnic groups including Muslims, Arabs and even Jews.  Ron Paul supporters are the most organized on the ground and they dominate the internet with over 100 thousand meet-up groups. And I think it is not very difficult to figure out why the internet? Simply because it is the only free media where they can spread the message without any restrictions. But unfortunately, with all this massive efforts on the ground and online still the message of freedom struggles to reach the American people because of the blackout which the movement faces from the main stream media. And here exactly is where the role of Al-Jazeera should start. Ron Paul’s message is the only one that can change America for better.  Ron Paul voted against the war in Iraq and he is against sanctioning or bombing Iran. He preachs a non intervention foreign policy. He is against keeping military bases around the world. He will stop supporting dictators around the world. He will stop all aid for Israel while he preaches an equal treatment of all countries with no bias toward any party. Ron Paul is not enslaved to any lobbyists, including the Israeli lobby AIPAC, while all remaining candidates are. Ron Paul stands firmly for civil liberties and freedom of speech and he voted against the Patriot Act. He is against the fraud of the income tax and against big governments which cause people to lose their independence to big corporations and special interests.  There are a lot of things which make Ron Paul a hero. He is more of a thinker than a politician and therefore he understands history very well. I think it is time for Al-Jazeera to step out and make a documentary film about the leader of the new American revolution. It is going to be a very remarkable step from you and it will be honored in history. The main stream media will be ashamed of themselves for not taking this step. A professional documentary about Dr.Ron Paul will be the best thing-in my opinion-that Al-Jazeera can provide to this revolution. And the good news is: there is a lot of very rich material scattered allover the internet that can help the makers of the documentary create a historical and unforgettable one. That, plus the most enthusiastic supporters that the makers will ever meet and who will be so willing to help with ideas, stories, interviews and more. It is time to reveal the truth about the main stream media with a strong documentary about Ron Paul and the new revolution. Plus, this is going to be a great chance for Al-Jazeera English to gain popularity in The United States. Hundreds of thousands will be waiting to watch it. This documentary will inject more stamina in the supporters, especially if it is available before the Republican convention in September. I cannot wait to see this documentary become a reality and I have a lot of hope in Al-Jazeera. As you can see I cannot cover all sides but with everyone’s help the picture is going to be clearer. So do not hesitate to take the step and contact Al-Jazeera and let them know why you are passionate about Ron Paul and about the revolution and let them also know about your view regarding the documentary, send them YouTube videos that you might think it is very important and it explains who we are.Here is the feedback page http://english.aljazeera.net/NR/exer…96EFD6C697.htm 

Please do not turn your back to this  


6 Responses to “Ahhhh, those wacky Ron Paul supporters. Part 15”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe the next time you write or send a letter, you should try inserting line breaks or paragraphs. That would probably help people read what you have to say rather than just toss it or scroll down the page with their eyes glazed over.

  2. anonymous2 Says:

    I agree with Anonymous. I scrolled straight through barely reading any of it.

  3. Edward M. Says:

    Die, Jew.

  4. L. Step Says:

    I am getting a bit irritated by you folk who call me “wacky”. It might be interesting to see if you would say that to my face.

  5. hdustinbing Says:

    Hey, dumb fucks..I am copying and pasting from the foum. You really think I giuve a shit about what they said ? Nope. You only need to read the first line r so to realize how ridiculous their posts are.

    As for the intelligent indivisual who posted Die, Jew, well thanks. You have done more harm to yourself than anything I could ever say about you ever could. I can’t believe you would be so willing to let people know the type of person you are. And just so you know, Ron Paul would absolutely HATE you.

  6. hdustinbing Says:

    LStep..you would piss in your pants if you ever were confronted. It is easy to be Internet Tough Guy.

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