Ahhhh, those wacky Ron Paul supporters. Part 2

Part 2 in an ongoing look at how ridiculous the RonPaulForums are.

This one from a 15 year old kid (what a shocker!) who not only wants to secede from the United States, but actually thinks it is going to happen.  (Other than the fact that he clearly demonstrates that he doesn’t know how a state would go about it.  But, give him a break…he is only 15.  It is not like he knows anything about history.  Or government.  Or politics.)


 Nate K  Senior Member                       About: Join Date: Oct 2007Location: Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 314    

How we can SECEDE from the Union!!

It’s really not that hard, if you focus on what would need to be done in order for this to happen, it’s very doable. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is how I’m pretty sure it works..  There is the State House and the State Senate, just like in the National Congress. Each state has a different amount of representatives and senators, that to my knowledge is NOT based on population.  If we control both sides and agree to secede from the Union, what’s stopping us? Will America go to war? If enough states do so, I highly doubt it! Now if my theory is correct, we ought to use some strategy here, and look at the number of representatives and senators in each state that would enable us to get the most in! Now what would be better for us, a state with a large General Assembly based on population or a smaller one? Here are some key states I think we should focus on (especially Texas) and their General Assembly number: New Hampshire: 24 in the Senate and 400 in the House. Population: est. 1.4 million Vermont: 30 in the Senate and 150 in the House. Population: est. 650,000 Texas: 31 in the Senate and 150 in the House. Population:24 million Montana: 50 in the Senate and 100 in the House. Population: 1 million. Have another state in mind? Post it and I’ll look it up. I’m getting this info from the 2008 Almanac. What does this mean for you? Well this all means start preparing for state government!! State government at this point, if you look at it from this angle, much more powerful than federal. Are you interested in politics? Do you feel that you could serve your constituents? Are you a well enough speaker for the job? If you answer any of these with a yes, YOU SHOULD RUN FOR AT LEAST STATE HOUSE. If you are well qualified (ex. Master’s Degree, great speaker, etc.) you should run for State Senate. Are you not interested enough in politics or that field of study? That’s ok too!! You can donate to the people running in your state, which is just as important! Let’s use an example here for Texas (a state we should all focus on).. A representative for Texas serves approx. 160,000 people. (24,000,000/ 150) That means you would need to have decent funds/ donors in that state to win, my guess is around 100-150k.  However!, in New Hampshire a state representative serves 3, 500 people!! (1,400,000/ 400). You would need little funds to win that state!  So why secede in the first place? Because it may just be a whole lot simpler concentrating our efforts in a few states or even one state, rather than trying to focus on the corruption of the whole country! PLUS, this is a plan that is not expected by the elites, this will have them on their toes, and trust me, with enough planning done quickly, we could pull this off. So what should you do now?? Start sharing ideas in this thread and come up with ideas of your own!!


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