Ahhhh, those wacky Ron Paul supporters. Part 4

This guy has no job (again…what a shocker coming from a RonPaulian) and seems to be proud of it.  He also is doing nothing to try to get a job.  Again, also proud of that.  And that, my friends, is the average Ron Paulian.



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   Why did I drive all the way to Texas?

I don’t often talk about my personal life on the Internet. Heck, I don’t in person, either. It’s just not my style. I’ve been described as secretive, seclusive, and even ‘a ninja’ by those who know me in person. I’ve made what would ordinarily be considered huge sacrifices for this campaign. I say ordinarily because while I’ve spent at least 1/3rd of my savings (while not working) on campaigning, the Fed has taken 1/2 in that time. Also, while I’ve been not working, the only job creation in this country in the past few years has been due to government contracts and federal agency hires. Also, while I’ve been homeless, I haven’t been throwing money down the housing hole.  In this country, being poor is just being ahead of the curve.  In the time I’ve been campaigning, I’ve come to realize how fucked we are if this situation doesn’t turn around. Now, a person on the outside may consider this revelation due to insular behavior or group-think within the cult. I haven’t been in the ‘real world’ for a while so I’ve lost my grip. However, what really has happened is I’ve taken what I’ve known in abstract for a long time and finally joined the real world. Also, while I’ve been trying to convince my fellow slaves to wake up, this country has been accelerating down the tubes. I could cite dozens of reasons of concern, but in the last few days I became aware of just how beyond the brink things are and I’m now waiting for the splash. More on that later. While I’m waiting, I’ve driven to Texas to make what I feel is my last stand (although it may not be). In this primary I’m actually hoping most independents vote Hillbama, thinking the Republican contest is over. The GOP regulars here HATE Juan McCain and with 140 delegates up for grabs, their support can topple our way if we pull hard enough. I’ve been making signs and working on a web site to help, but we really need more grunts. I’ll announce where you can sign up, soon. If you don’t show up and fight, I’m sorry but in all likelihood I’m outta here. I don’t have family, property, or any reason except pity to stay in 1930s Germany. Either we make a stand here in Texas and show our vibrancy, or this movement is obviously dead and the country’s hopes along with it. Being as dirt-poor as I am, I see no excuse any of you can muster unless you’ve already escaped and don’t give a shit. Now for a more personal note. A few days ago I’ve come aware of an unprecedented banking crisis. The total reserves held by member banks is now negative. $18B in the hole and growing. People with pending loan payments OF LESS THAN $1k currently in a grace period are getting calls to pay up in a futile attempt to fill the hole. The only reason banking holidays haven’t been declared is because the FED opened the discount window and lowered the standards for what can be used for collateral as loans. This means bad loans are being used as collateral to make massive loans from the FED. The gig is up, and is what prompted me to write to someone in a foreign country today. An excerpt (and you can judge if I’m lucid or not for yourself): “Bank reserves recently went negative. It’s crisis time and It won’t be long before deposits are frozen and money printed to make the difference… “…I knew about the immediate banking crisis (which most people are blind to) for days and I’ve been paralyzed… “I haven’t files for taxes and expect to leave this country within a few years before the gulags open. I don’t know what you’re aware of, but it is extremely scary here. I’ve spent at least $2000 and countless hours trying to spread awareness of Ron Paul since last summer, including a month in New Hampshire and driving to Nevada and Texas. I’ve fought as best as I could with meager means and less means in charismatic powers of persuasion. This country is all but fucked, and universal service (or whatever they’ll term it) is just around the corner. For all the talk about globalism vs isolationism, this country is the most isolated country in the world in terms of capital, diplomatic, labour, and trade restrictions—and we haven’t seen anything yet. In the past whenever a country isolates itself in this manner, the only way to alleviate the obvious problems that arise is to expand its borders and socialize all services (and service, too). This is why Germany invaded Poland, and why we’ve been forcing a petro-dollar empire on the rest of the world. “In a country where the only sources of profit are government contracts and debt-fueled consumption, taking responsibility for its own woes won’t come easy. We will blame everyone else and try to mold reality to fit our fantasy through the end of a gun. I don’t want to be here when the world retaliates against the coming insanity. “In all likelihood we will have McCain, Obama, or Hillary in office soon. These three make Bush look sane, patriotic, even-handed, and even intelligent. McCain is by far the scariest of the bunch. His world view exists within the bureaucratic bubble he grew up in since birth—first the Navy, then Congress. There is no problem in the world which can’t be solved through bureaucracy. This is how he can believe such things as zero percent interest rates, winning Vietnam, and staying in Iraq for 100,000 years. Not that the other two are much different. All three voted for the USA PATRIOT Act and are AIPAC sycophants. “The best way to avert the coming chaos is to prevent McCain from receiving the 1191 delegates needed to win the Republican National Convention. The main hope that this can be done is GOP regulars hate McCain, especially here in Texas. However, most people voting (especially in primaries) are ill-informed to put it kindly. For example, anti-war republicans have been voting for McCain, thinking he will pull us out of Iraq! In the face of this crass ignorance, and a media literally owned by military contractors like GE, I’m feeling like a Palestinian child throwing rocks at a Merkava tank. “Barring some kind of miracle the very best I can expect is a prolonged recession due to the grip of vested interests on the all-powerful political machine. Nearly all job creation in the past few years has been based on government contracts or direct hires by federal agencies. Any economic activity outside this system has become increasingly illegal. People trying to make a profit will become increasingly vilified out of envy and entitlement. We will see rationing of fuel, food, shelters, and other essentials—even the national ‘income’. We will become desperately poor, but will tolerate it due to the ‘fairness’ of it all. Those who don’t consider it fair will be part of a massive brain drain exodus. This is the BEST CASE SCENARIO. The worst case is war, rioting, martial law, crack-downs, and genocide draped in the flag. “I seriously want out of here before then. I’m poor as dirt, but I can (at least for now) get a plane ticket out of crazy town.” So there you have it. I’m greasing my escape tube, but until I uproot myself I really hope we can all fight the beast, together. Please join me in making Texas the point of return. All we need to avert disaster and have a glorious future is a voice of sanity when people are ready to listen. Let’s be that voice.



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