Ahhhh, those wacky Ron Paul supporters. Part 8

The website linked to here is the key to this post.  I just love the petitions that he has written up.  Almost as hilarious as the fact that he thinks that these petitions will do anything.


 A Ron Paul Rebel  Senior Member                       About: Join Date: Oct 2007Location: New HampshirePosts: 802   How many people want to outlaw photo-radar tickets?

Think of the possibilities if we can unite these individuals! Yeah, I thought you’d see it too… And I know we can do it.That’s why we created a petition site with a few key petitionsthat affect most every American. http://www.standandunite.com isa place where individuals can unite around specific causes…(and they more than likely will be enlightened of Dr. Paul andhis message while there)   There’s 3 big things that everyone can do to help the snowballrolling. 1) sign the petitions that interest you 2) sign up as acharter member and 3) share the website or (even better) pimpthe individual petitions. The first 4 petitions are up with more on the way. Thanks to all,Hunterhttp://www.standandunite.com



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