Ahhhh, those wacky Ron Paul supporters. Part 9

I won’t copy anything from this thread.  Because the whole thread is great.  That same 15 year old kid wanted to show off his spreadsheet skills, so he predicted the outcome of the delegate totals.  About a month ago he starte this.  Came up with McCain being about 40 delegates short. 

Here is the great thing about that…since he first posted, his predictions have shown to be ridiculously wrong.  (He bet someone that Huckabee would win Virginia, since a poll the day before showed McCain support drop from 22 points down to about 11…his logic was that since it happened once, it would happen again.  Obviously revealing to the world a supreme lack of common sense.)  And even though he updated those states to give McCain the correct number of delegates, surprisingly, his total didn’t change all that much.  Why?  Well, to make the total be about the same (and showing him coming up short) he simply revised his predictions of LATER primary states to give him less than he originally did.

Some notable states on this list are Texas, in which he has McCain getting less than 25% of the delegates, despite him currently holding a 10 point lead in the polls, and North Carolina which he has Huckabee winning almost 2/3 of the delegates despite the fact that McCain’s lead in the polls is over 30%.  I won’t get into the fact that in states like Washington, he is giving McCain fewer delegates than he ALREADY has won.  Apparently standing by the same old bitch ass whining that Ron Paul actually won the caucus…which he didn’t.

Also of note are the several upcoming states that he has Ron Paul winning.  Wow.  It is like the kid has no short or long term memory. 

Another funny part of this is their belief that of the several unbound delegates, that McCain will basically get NONE.  Of course the 3 delegates per state almost ALWAYS vote for who the state picked.  But who needs logic when you are a Ron Paulian?  And a 15 year old kid.



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