Ahhhh, those wacky Ron Paul supporters. Part 16

This winner puts his job at risk to follow a dying cause.  This would not be a big deal (other than the cost of supporting his welfare ass) normally, but he is risking his partner’s financial future as well.  Great partner you are, asshole. 

And just read that post.  They truly are sounding like Branch Davidians or something.  “With all my heart”?  What the hell?


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With all my heart…  


Hello, First off let me start by saying I am not good at putting my thoughts on paper. So Forgive me please. (or give me some slack) 

I have been with this campaign since Aug 2007. From the begining I have had my doubts about what could be achieved, and how far we could go.

  I have given money, time, labor, etc…. to see our dream of a better America come true. 

My business Partner wants to divorce me because of the time and effort i put into this campaign. BUT I KNOW IF i dont, my business will fail because of the direction we are heading. My wife has who loves Ron Paul wants me to move forward w/ my everyday life. But i cant.  

I have Fallen in love w/ the idea that maybe, just maybe we can have our country back… and restore why we once were a great nation….With all my heart i believe this can come true.  

Ron Paul Has been at this for 20+ years… He does not live in a “instant Pudding” nation, like many of us do. So I pleadge to never give up. This is my mission until we rise up and take our country back. 

So, If Mr. Paul needs me to MARCH, I will march. If Mr Paul needs money, he has my money ( its not worth anything anyways). If Mr Paul dies!! His message will not. 

Not w/ me. I will march on. W/ all my heart.  

So, i leave you with this… are you here w/ ALL of YOUR HEART?  



One Response to “Ahhhh, those wacky Ron Paul supporters. Part 16”

  1. David Says:

    Since I already know that Ron Paul would make the real changes America needs to be great again, based on the nations past experience, what Mike says is reasonable.
    He is cursed with the knowledge of what has to be done. Now he must decide what to do based on the prospects of actually accomplishing anything, how much he loves his country, and how bad the dollar crisis and totalitarian state will be. How strong his wifes support is may be the real deciding factor.
    Ron Paul does not spout platitudes like, “we are the change we have been waiting for”, or “yes we can”, while expanding the welfare state. Neither will he continue to exhaust our military in a quest for empire.
    The person posting this story to digg has no burdens of knowledge. He is free to laugh at what he does not understand.
    while training them to control civilian populations.

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